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Michael Integlia & Company
Established 1937
  • National & International Clients

  • In-house resources

  • Top down approach

  • Latest in design and technology


From concept to facilities management: Building the finest in business and work environments.

Who We Are

We are a premier builder and developer of office, commercial, and institutional spaces of class A quality in New England.

At the core of Michael Integlia & Company is a team of exceptionally talented and experienced personnel-- ready to respond to individual requests for work and business space with uniquely impressive results.

Visit an Integlia building and you will find a level of attention to detail and design above the ordinary. Inside, the workspace is rich with offices and rooms that clearly reflect a close cooperation between client goals and a master builder's ability to carry them out.

Ultimately we measure success not in bricks or profit margins, but in the satisfaction of our clients and the realization of their goals: effective, distinctive work space that impresses them, and their clients, for years on end.

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